Wise Photo Collection

organizes virtual photo collection in minutes



  Windows 10 ALL
Windows 8 ALL
Windows 7 ALL
Windows Vista ALL
Windows XP
Run on 32 and 64-bit OS


  WisePhotoCollection allows for a few minutes organize your photo collection into a set of virtual albums.

 The program builds albums based on metadata contained in images. The program takes into account the shooting date, comments, name, picture quality, and geotags. The program finds the location of the pictures up to the city and organizes photos based on these data. The context menu allows you to rename albums, add or remove photos from albums, edit, print and more.
 The program allows you to view album in full screen mode. There is a slide show mode.
 Program accepts files of all formats: BMP, JPEG, Tiff, PNG, JPS, PNS, RAW. Complete list of extensions RAW files you can see here.Files in the source folders are not changing and moving.


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