Wise One Click

organizes photo collection with one click



  Windows 8 ALL
Windows 7 ALL
Windows Vista ALL
Windows XP
Run on 32 and 64-bit OS


  WiseOneClick organizes your photo collection.

 The program builds folders tree, renames files and converts RAW files to JPEG. A typical form of the folder after the program is shown in the figure below.


 Source folder is the folder from which photos will be taken to process. All files from subfolders will also be taken. Program accepts files of all formats: BMP, JPEG, Tiff, PNG, JPS, PNS, RAW. Complete list of extensions RAW files you can see here. Files in the source and output folders are not changing. The total number of files in the folders may be up to 40000.
 You can stop the process by pressing Stop processing button.
 If you want to change the settings, you must use the Wisearchivist .


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