Wise Disc Recovery

Recovering data from damaged CD and DVD discs



  Windows 8 ALL
Windows 7 ALL
Windows Vista ALL
Windows XP
Run on 32 and 64-bit OS


  Wisediscrecovery is intended for recovering data from damaged CD and DVD discs. The program is able to change the speed of reading and repeatedly read bad sectors and etc. However, the highlight of the program is the ability to combine two or more damaged copies of a file. Especially this is useful when restoring large files, such as video files. As a rule, you keep two or more copies of the archive, especially if it is CD or DVD discs. But one day you find that the files are corrupted on the all discs.
  In this case, this program is indispensable. Since the damage on different discs with a high degree of probability are in different locations, with a high degree of probability the program will be able to recover the files without any loss.
  The algorithm of the program is the next. Initially, the program tries to recover files from the first disc, and saves results about recovering of each block. The program will read on the second disc only those blocks that were damaged on the first disc. With this approach, there is no need to set maximum quality on the first step. It can be changed during subsequent passes if required. This will save a time.
 If you have only one copy of the disc, you can achieve a good results too. Depending on how the disc is loaded, drive can successfully read a different blocks when the unstable reading of the disc is present. The program accumulates the successfully readed blocks and writes them to the appropriate places. You can try to read disc with a change in speed and without change and etc. You should not think that the lower the reading speed, the better the quality of recovery. With a significant damage of the disc the high speed of the reading may be more successful because of inertia drive head are more likely to set on the right track.
 The program works not only with exact copies of dis˝s, but searches for a suitable file across the dis˝. The program checks the file name, type, size and creation time. Different files can be recovered from a different discs.
 The program can perform a recovery of a single file, folder or entire dis˝. The program preserves the folder structure only the first disc. The folder structure of the second and subsequent disks are not taken into account.
 We recommend you to start recovery from the disc, which, in your opinion, is the least damaged. This saves time, because on the second disc the program will read only desired portions of files.
 If you want to recover files from discs of different type, for example a CD was the first and the second DVD, before changing the type of media it is necessary to recalibrate the drive or do not calibrate at all.
 It should be noted that many modern drives do not support the program changing of reading speed. This feature is implemented in their hardware. And it does not affect the quality of recovery.
 We hope that the program will help you regain your file collection.



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