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Mode: Backup

This mode allows you to save your photo collection.

Backup mode creates a reserve copy of your photo archive. We recommend doing backup on an external drive, and does not hold the disk near the work computer. Put the disk away on the shelf and forget about it for six months. It is best to have two complete copies of your archive. Every six months, at least, you need to do a scan of the backup copy.

The program provides the ability to backup two ways: full and partial backup. Under certain conditions, a partial backup saves your time and keep a backup up-to-date. The details of these methods are described in the option Backup options.

Wisearchivist can calculate the hash sum (MD5) for each file. A hash sum is a number that can be used to uniquely identify a file and its contents. A hash sum can be thought of as a 'fingerprint' of a file. MD5 hash sum is very sensitive to the changes and can register changes of one bit in very large file. And therefore, the hash sum allow to determine were whether changes in your photos. We write hash sum in a separate text file with md5 extension. Therefore, the original files are not changed.

The program makes a backup of all files, not just graphics.

Backup mode allows you to configure the logging level (Set log level) that facilitates the analysis of the operation. All backup and restore modes have a special option View backup / restore history that stores up to 30 sessions.

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