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Mode: Move duplicates to mirror

This mode allows you to avoid the duplication of images in the archive.

In this mode are used three folders:

1. Source folder. This is the folder in which pictures are unorganized.

2. Archive folder. This folder contains photos which are already organized.

3. Mirror folder. This folder contains the original copies of the photos.

Mode solves the following task:

Step one. WiseArchivist checks for each photo selected from the source folder: Is there such picture in the Archive folder?

Step two. If the file does not exist, it remains in source folder untouched. If the file already exists in the Archive folder, then the Wisearchivist performs the action specified in the option Action with this photo.

Important! Wisearchivist checks duplicates by date and time of the shot, but not by coincidentally names.

In this mode, the target folder is a Mirror folder. Archive folder is used only to find duplicates. As for finding duplicate Wisearchivist uses the date and time of the picture, all the pictures without time tags can be recognized as duplicates. Files of format that does not support time tags can be recognized as duplicates. (BMP files for example). To exclude the selection of these files, you can set active If not empty -> Date Time Original of the option Find duplicates and othes, as shown in the figure below.

Mode: Move duplicates to mirror
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