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Mode: Edit in input folder

This mode is intended for corrections of metadata photos directly in the source folder.

Although this mode has all the capabilities to rename, organize and edit photos, we recommend to use it for non-essential corrections of metadata or adjustments of photos which already placed in the archive. This is due to the fact that the output photos are copied to the same folder as the original pictures in this mode. Therefore the duplicates will accumulate in the folder. The mode operates almost identical to the mode Create archive (batch mode), with a few restrictions. The main configuration of controls windows is shown below.

Mode: Edit in input folder

If you set Skip current file of If output file already exists (Alias) option, all pictures are loaded in the Skip status. This allows to overwrite only those images that you have edited. To set the edited images to an active state, right-click on them, and in the dialog box choose Return to normal processing.... For any other settings, all existing files will be overwritten or will be created new files.

After you finish editing, click Save button. Only after that the original images are modified. This applies not only EXIF tags but adjusting the images too. So if you click Cancel, all source photos remain untouched.

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