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Mode: Copy & rename only

This mode is intended to organize thousands photos in fully automatic way.

With help of this mode, you can solve the following tasks:

1. fully automatically organize your photos;

2. organize pictures and remove duplicates;

3. delete or move some photos to cart.

This mode performs renaming of the selected photos and builds a structure folders based on metadata contained in the photos. Photos in this mode remain in the original quality and format. The number of photos is limited 40,000 for one session. You can take any folder with pictures as the source folder. At the same time will be processed all subfolders. It may be the photos just downloaded from the camera or photos from the archive. An important feature of the mode is that you can manage source files after they are processed. You can: leave copies of the files in the original folder or move them to the Trash. Possible variants are described in detail in the section Action. Mode also allows you to control the processing of duplicate photos, if they are present in source folders. It is important, that the program checks for duplicates only by file name, but not by the date and time of shooting. File names are checked after the renaming.

If you have pictures with the delay between shots less than 1 second, they can be perceived as duplicates because after renaming they can obtain the same name. It may be 3D photos that are shot at the same time or a series of images, such as bracketing. (Bracketing is the technique of taking several shots of the same subject using different camera settings.) In this case you must process these photos by mode 3D mode settings or Create archive (batch mode) first.

You can set the renaming If output file already exists (Alias), to put duplicate under a different name. This mode allows multiple sequential sessions with a different source folders with avoiding of appearance the duplicates in the output folder. Here are some examples folder structures constructed by this mode.

Mode: Copy & rename only


Mode: Copy & rename only


Mode: Copy & rename only
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