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Mode: Create / edit 3D photos

This mode allows you to create 3D pictures from two separate images.

There are several formats of 3D images. WiseArchivist allows you to create 3D photos of next formats: Cross-eye, Side-by-side, Anaglyph (gray), Anaglyph (color), Full 3D (jps, pns). First four formats are actually one picture, so again the images of these formats cannot be edited. Therefore, if you create a 3D image of these formats, we strongly recommend that you keep the original images. Jps and Pns formats contain two separate images for left and right eyes, so you can re-edit this format. The following example shows the creation of color anaglyph from two images.

Mode: Create / edit 3D photos

The program selects and sorts the pictures assuming that the time interval between shots is null or very short. Indeed 3D pictures are made simultaneously or with a minimum interval of time. As a result of this possible pairs of images are nearby. If the parameter Step by step is active, you have the opportunity to choose pictures manually, as shown above. Otherwise, the program will automatically make pairs of the images, as described above. The time delay in which the image can still be considered paired, you specify in 3D mode settings. Pictures without a pair are ignored. Note that in automatic mode, good results can be obtained only when shooting with special equipment. You must choose at first the left image, and then the right if you combine from two images. If you edit JPS or PNS photos you need select one picture. After selecting the images you can change the stereo base or crop the picture. Cropping is done accordance to stereo offset for two images simultaneously.

Some 3D TVs perceive format Side by Side or native JPS. If your 3D TV does not accept these formats, you may convert photos to JPS and use our Convert .JPS to TV fomat mode. Below is an example editing image of JPS format.

Mode: Create / edit 3D photos

After editing photos (OK button), will be offered a set of windows for editing EXIF tags. Their existence depends on the mode setting. Working with them is completely analogous to the work in the mode Create / edit archive.

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