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Step by step

This setting allows you to select and adjust the photos individually.

To select photos individually, please activate the Step by Step option. Depending on the mode of the program, different windows are available, when WiseArchivist runs. Window of adjustment of photos is opened the first in modes which write images on the disk. It is shown on the picture below.

Step by step

This window allows you to adjust the brightness, contrast and saturation. You can crop the image, and if defined conservation aspect ratio, trim frame will maintain this aspect ratio. The photo in this window is shown in the form in which it is written, no turns are made, even if the metadata indicates rotation. This is done in order to correct the errors of the editors that not corrects metadata. WiseArchivist correctly writes an appropriate tag. Metadata always correspond to the position of the image. This window is not used in creating the virtual album, since pictures remain in the original state. If you press Auto, this setting will be locked to the end of the session. Main control window is shown below.

Step by step

Photos will be supplied under rule sorting, one after another. You can process photo by clicking the OK or skip the photo by clicking the Skip button. If you press the Auto, all remaining pictures will be processed automatically. You can preview photos, click button Preview for this. Manage viewing window shown below.

Step by step

If you want to select the photos in random order, press Jump or Tree. Variant is determined by button Mode. Below shows both options.

Step by step
Step by step

When finished, press the Stop button.

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