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Mode: Create virtual album

Wisearchivist allows you to create a virtual storage, which facilitates access to the pre-selected photos.

Virtual Album is a list of previously selected images. Virtual storage is a collection of albums. It combines virtual albums by topic. Since the virtual album uses only links to the pictures, the virtual album and virtual storage takes up very little space on hard disk. To view a virtual album you do not need to make any settings. The number of albums is not limited. Virtual album can be converted to a collection of reduced images for sharing. Sample of virtual storage with the preview window is shown in Figure below.

Mode: Create virtual album

When you create a virtual album, you need specify its category and title. They will be presented in the virtual storage in tree view. It is also possible to create separate virtual album. In this case, the album do not have a name and title. For quick access to album, program provides access from the main window. (Button Select source). Access to a stand alone album is possible through this button only. Photos can be selected to album automatically by using filters or manually.

Private files can be added to a virtual album. To add to the album private files password is not required, unless option Step by step is not active. Otherwise, you must specify a password.

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