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View metadata

This mode allows you to configure the type and number of values when output metadata are in hexadecimal format.

Modern cameras records the large amount of metadata in each photo. Volume Metadata can be hundreds of kilobytes. Therefore, you may want to limit their output. This option allows you to control the amount of output metadata. The window is shown in the figure below.

View metadata

If Only basic tags marked, then will be displayed only tags that are available for editing in the program Wisearchivist. If All tags marked, then will be displayed all tags that the program was able to extract from the photographs. The program can detect more than 10,000 different tags. Those tags, which the program cannot recognize marked as Undefined tags. You can eliminate the output of these tags and some other large tags, unchecking the appropriate line. By default, the output is limited up to 350 bytes for each tag. It is possible to increase this limit up to 5000 bytes. This does not apply to editable tags, they are always displayed completely. The figure below shows the part of metadata output.

View metadata

This settings window is also used in the creation passport of photos. Its operation is completely analogous to that described above. The difference is only in the form of presentation information.

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