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Rename, base settings

Renaming photos based on metadata is a powerful tool for organizing a large number of files.

Renaming divided into three blocks. All three blocks work together. We recommend setting them sequentially, starting with this option. All elements are designated by letters. When the program builds a filename it substitutes the value of corresponding field instead of the letter. You need to type a model of a filename into a field Filename model. To see the result, type characters and press enter. It is possible to type any characters: N, F, O, P, Q, R, U, Y, M, D, H, T, S, I .The characters can be repeated and follow in any sequence. At a filename model always should be present the character N and - or I , otherwise the name of output file can be ununique.You can delete any number of characters in the beginning of a filename and folder, and also to discard any number of characters at the end of a filename and folder. To do it set values of counters in appropriate value. The counters are placed near to inscriptions FileName and FolderName .

In fields marked by characters O, P, Q, R, U you can enter any characters, except /,\ *, ?, :, >, < , because these characters can not be used in a filename.

The characters Y, M, D, H, T, S designate current date and time. They can not be changed. This format is not effect on the date from the metadata.

The autoincrement, character I is formed by two fields: Base number and Step . Base number can be any number, including a zero. The amount of signs in Base number is set by the first counter. It is convenient at sorting of files, as length of a file name will be identical at all files. The values of a field Step can lie in bounds from 1 up to 999. The resultant value is equal to a sum of value of a field Base number and value of a field Step , multiplied on a file serial number.

The conversion of characters in the name and extension of the file to the upper and lower case is also available. You can select converting of characters in the name and extension separately. The window is shown in the figure below.

Rename, base settings
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