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Select files of a fixed interval

This option allows you to select photos related to fixed interval: hour, day, month or year.

Algorithm of selection of images, if this mode active, is the next. At the first stage of selection, program finds picture, which satisfies all other settings. The program remembers the shooting time, for this image and compares it with the shooting time of all subsequent images. And if it lays within the specified interval, photos are selected. The window is shown in the figure below.

Select files of a fixed interval

It is comfortably when all photos relate to one event when you edit the metadata. Very often, one day is the one event, such as a birthday. In this case, all images may have the same keywords, title, location, etc. This allows to use group operations in editing metadata. Use this option in conjunction with the Limit the number of input files in the case of a very large number of photos in an hour or a day. If you create an archive and source files are transferred to the mirror repository, with using this setting, the editing process is devided into independent sessions. And you do not need to change configuration. The program will automatically select the next interval present in the photos.

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