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Select by EXIF dates

This option allows you to select photos by date the picture was taken. It relates to the metadata that are stored in photos and were created by the camera when shooting. Some old photos do not contain metadata. In this case, all the data is considered to be zero.

All settings are divided into three groups: Date Time, Date Time Original, Date Time Digitized. Date Time - is the time of last editing photo. It should be noted that not all graphic editors update this field. Date Time Original - the time snapshot by camera. This is the most informative field, so we recommend using it for sorting and searching. Date Time Digitized - this is a time of digitizing image. Usually this is a time of scanning image or a time of any other way of creating the image. Many photo cameras record the time the snapshot was taken in all these three fields. Appearance of the window is shown in the figure below.

Select by EXIF dates

The time can be set up to seconds. Each parameter can be turn off by the left button, without changing the value.The lower or upper bound of the values can be activated individually by corresponding buttons. If the upper and lower bounds are active, files from given interval will be selected. Therefore, the lower bound can not be greater than the upper one. If the lower bound is not set or is not active, then it is assumed to be zero. If upper bound of the time is not set, the current date and time is used. On the other hand if there is no EXIF date, it is set equal to EMPTY, therefore images without EXIF date can not be selected with any switched On button.

Lower bounds of filters can be set automatically. To do this, click the button at bottom of the window. The program scans the current destination folder, finds the maximum value of the dates and writes them in the box corresponding to the lower boundary.Settings this type of filter may be useful if you want to view or edit photos that are not yet in the archive.

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