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Select by file data

This option allows you to select photos by size or date of the file. This option refers only to the characteristics of the file itself. This filter correlates with the settings of other filter windows, as a logical AND.

This setting allows you to select the photos by the file parameters. All settings are divided into four groups: file size, file creation date, last access, and last write time (ie editing). The total effect of these groups is defined as the logical AND. Appearance of the window is shown in the figure below.

Select by file data

File size can be specified in bytes, kilobytes or megabytes. The time can be set up to seconds. Each parameter can be turn off by the left button, without changing the value.The lower or upper bound of the values can be activated individually by corresponding buttons. If the upper and lower bounds are active, files from given interval will be selected. Therefore, the lower bound can not be greater than the upper one. If the lower bound is not set or is not active, then it is assumed to be zero. If upper limit of the file size is not active, it is considered equal to 4GB. If upper bound of the time is not set, the current date and time is used.

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