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is a complete solution for creating and managing photo archive

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Sync properties

This option determines the program behavior when matching file names.

This control window takes effect on the second phase of synchronization. Here you can set the rules how to restore the missing files or files with mismatch of modification dates to the archive.

Sync properties

On the second phase files contained in the backup are reviewed.
If the file in the archive is missing, it can be restored in the archive, with the setting Restore or can be moved to a folder $$ Deleted $$, when you select Move backup file to the special bucket. A folder is created automatically in the root of backup folder when it is needed.
If the file in the backup folder has a modification date later than file in the archive folder, then there are possibilities: Overwrite a file in the archive Replace archive file, leave everything as it is Ignore and overwrite the file in the backup Replace backup file. The last setting is preferred because editing files in the backup folder leads to confusion versions of files.
We recommend to use hashing because the corrupted file will never be placed to the archive. And you will be informed that there is a problem with backup file in log file.

The Wisearchivist makes a synchronization of all files, not just graphics.

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