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Post-processing operations

Mode Post-processing operations allows you to build the mirror archive with untouched source photos.

This option allows you to operate with source files after main processing. We recommend you to create the Mirror folder to copy source files there. This will be done automatically after you finish editing and moving the changed files into the main archive. Photos are copied to a Mirror folder with no changes. Files are stored with the original extension, even in the cases where the conversion was performed. If you set both options Rename and Create folders tree, the names of the original files will be the same as the names of files in the main archive. Similarly, the folder tree will exactly match the archive tree. (Rename and Smart folder must be active).With this you can easily find the correspondence between the images in the archive folder and a Mirror.

You can also place the files to the Trash or delete them. However, we do not recommend it. Retain the original files for future use. This is especially true for RAW files. In a few years you may change the requirements for photos, may be new technology, etc. Set of options Post-processing operations is shown below.

Post-processing operations

Selection of mode is performed by using the screen shown in the following picture.

Post-processing operations

These modes have a lower priority compared to the mode specified during editing. (See: Select skip action). They operate only in the case of normal processing.

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