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2D barcode

This option allows you to place on the image 2D QR-barcode as watermark with data from EXIF tags.

This option allows you to select EXIF tags for generating 2D barcode. It is used most commonly QR barcode. Barcode is located in the lower right corner and can be used as watermark. The total length of the record may be 1000 characters. Should be selected at least one tag. The control window is shown in the figure below.

2D barcode

Barcode is widely used to enter information from paper, screen, and others with a mobile phone or smartphone. This means that information on photos can be considered even after its printing. There are many programs for mobile phones or smart phones to read 2D barcodes. If the barcode will contain a link to your site, then it is possible to increase traffic to your site.

Because the barcode can be used as a watermark, your copyright will be protected regardless of where your photo is placed: in the Internet or on paper.

Example of barcode is shown in the following figure.

2D barcode
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