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Edit GPS tags

This option sets the default values of geo coordinates.

On this control screen, you can set the default values of EXIF tags with geo coordinates. These values will be stored in all pictures in the automatic mode. If the option Step by step is set, then you will be able to change these values for each image separately.

Edit GPS tags

Geo coordinates can be entered in digital form or via GOOGLE maps. Many cameras can store the coordinates of the image. Set Save original data for their retain. WiseArcivist can decode the geo-coordinates from the .RAW files too. Digital geo coordinates are entered using the window shown below.

Edit GPS tags

Data can be entered into any of the three rows. Before entering data you must activate the desired line. Press button Set via Google to enter coordinates via Google maps. On the map, click on the desired location and press Save coordinates.

You can set the existing tag values. Click ... button and a list of values of existing geo tags from the photos in the destination folder will be opened. You can also select any other folder.

Edit GPS tags
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