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Mode: View photos

Viewing mode allows view photos, or any other images located at any folder, regardless of whether they were processed by the program or not. Following options are available: slideshow with transition effects, full screen mode, manual navigation, adjust brightness, contrast, etc.

Viewing window, in addition to the image itself, may contain information windows and the navigation window. Metadata window is available by pressing the Info button. Besides metadata displays information about the image file. This window may be displayed for each image. Map is available only if the geo tags are present in the photo. Navigation window is convenient to use if the metadata are present. To quickly navigate through the timeline is useful mode Jump. Switching between modes is done by clicking Mode button. For navigation you can also use the following keys: arrow to the left, to the right, Page Up, Page Down, Enter and Space. For automatic alignment of windows, press F11. Double-click on the window with a photo opens it in full screen mode. The figure shows a general view of the viewing window.

Mode: View window

The figure below shows the control menu with opened transition effect panel.

Mode: View panel

    Digits on the figure indicate:

  1. Date and time when the photo is made. This value does not depend on the settings of the sorting;
  2. Navigation area;
  3. Opening the navigation window;
  4. Selecting the type of navigation window. The program offers two options for navigation. The first is the standard version of the navigation through the folder tree whose nodes are EXIF tags. This embodiment is shown in the first figure. The second option is shown in the following figure. This option groups photos by creation time.
  5. Enable playback audio comments for pictures. The presence of sound is reflected by green frame around the button. Audio records can be created in the process of creating or editing of a photoarchive;
  6. Opens a window with metadata and file options;
  7. Opens window with a map. The window is available if geodata are present. The presence of geodata is reflected by green frame around the button;
  8. Opens slideshow settings;
  9. Opens the settings panel for rotation and scale images;
  10. Opens the picture settings: brightness, contrast, etc.;
  11. Opens photo in a full-screen mode;
  12. Sets the interval, including transition time, of changing the pictures, in seconds;
Mode: View panel

To select a group of photos on this window, just click on the desired group. Preview button allows to view a thumbnails of the photos in the selected group.

If you want open a large number of photos simultaneously, it is advisable to use filters, such as the time of shooting. When you open more than 10,000 photos time of sorting can increase up to 10 seconds.

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