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Find duplicate and othes

This option allows you to select photos with unknown EXIF parameters of fields or if these fields are empty or absent or find the duplicates of photos.

Logically all window functions are divided into two parts: selecting photos with empty (or not) fields and searching duplicates. However, for all active settings apply logical AND operation. The window is shown in the figure below.

Find duplicate and othes

The assignment of buttons is clear from inscriptions located near the buttons. If the left button is turned On, the photo will be selected, if the field exists and is not empty. If the right button is turned On, the photo will be selected if the field is absent or empty. The file format is not taken into account. So, for example, in files of a .BMP format all fields are absent and, therefore, all files of this format will be selected.

Please set parameters carefully because there are some possible combinations for which will be selected nothing. For example, if Theme is set as If not empty and at the same time the button If all of this fields are empty is active.

Searching of duplicates is based on the exact equality of date and time of shooting. The duplicates formed, when you edit photos and save them under different names. But since editors do not change metadata, duplicates can be found under different names, with different sizes, etc. The duplicates can be found in different folders and subfolders.

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