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Select by EXIF keywords

This option allows you to select photos with a particular keyword. It is possible to use the logic operations under key words.

On this window you can specify keywords for selecting images. Some part of the metadata is written by your camera, and some can be recorded in the process of creating an archive. The window is shown in the figure below.

Select by EXIF keywords

Window contains 9 fields, in each of which can be written a logical expression consisting of the key words and logical operators. For each field, there are 2 buttons. If the left button is enabled, this field is involved in the selection of photos. Active fields checked sequentially and if the result is TRUE, the following is checked, etc. If checked all active fields and the overall result is TRUE, picture is selecting. Or it is rejecting in otherwise.

The second button determines an exact match a set of keywords in the corresponding metadata tag of photos. In this case, the entire field is considered as one keyword and metadata of photos must contain it exact copy, including word order. Herewith, the presence of other words in the corresponding tag is allowed.

For constructing logical expression it is possible to use next logical operations: AND, OR, NOT and brackets . In the logical operations are used the following characters: AND = &, code 38; OR = |, code 124; NOT =!, code 33; brackets= (, code 40; and ), code 41. The keyword can be written completely or partially. If it is written partially, the part is checked up only.

Let us consider an example. Suppose we have 2 photos. First foto cotains Stereo photo 1 in the tag Theme, and the second contains Stereo photo 2.

   If we write: Stereo photo two photos will be selected.
   If we write: Stereo photo 1 only first photo will be selected.
   If we write: Stereo photo !1 only second photo will be selected. In this record we used a logical NOT operation.
   It is possible the next variants of expressions:
   Stereo & photo 1|2 - 2 photos will be selected;
   (Stereo | photo)&(1|2) - 2 photos will be selected;
   (Stereo | photo)&(!(1|2)) - nothing will be selected;
   photo Stereo - nothing will be selected, since these two words are treated as one unit keyword;
   photo | Stereo - 2 photos will be selected.

The number of spaces is truncated to one. Therefore the previous record is equivalent to the next record: photo|Stereo.
In order to improve the readability of expression, we suggest that you use parentheses.

On the right of the fields is a button that allows you to get a list of all keywords available in the photos of source folder. The window is shown in the figure below.

Text macros

By default, the source folder is assigned. However, you can select any folder by clicking on the button at the bottom of the window.

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