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Set content level of quality

The program evaluates the quality of the photos and on the basis of this does a selection of pictures.

A large number of parameters obtained by analyzing the content of photography is taken into account in evaluating the quality of photos. This mode makes it easy to eliminate low-quality photos when placing photos in the archive. When viewing photos, you have the opportunity to show only high-class photographs, not excluding the low-quality photos from the archive. On the other hand, selecting only the low-quality photos, you have the opportunity to put them in a separate location or simply delete them. For this selection, use the AA mode: Create archive (batch mode). How to set the level of quality it is clear from the figure below.

Set content level of quality

In addition to the selection of the photos you have the opportunity to obtain quantitative information about the quality of photos with help the screen which shown in the following figure.

Set content level of quality

This is particularly useful in the selection of duplicates by content. Learn more. Window shows the histograms, including the contrast histograms, and other parameters of image quality. You must understand that the program can not evaluate the artistic value of photography. Therefore, the program provides an opportunity to make a final conclusion about deleting the file to you.

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