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Set similar options

Similarity sets the level of difference images and you select the sample.

The similarityis an integral parameter. Its value must be chosen by experimentation. The program accepts rotated images on 90 and 270 degrees as equal. The comparison result is independent of the image brightness, saturation, the original image size. The comparison result is weakly dependent on the quality of the image. Black and white copies of color photographs give a difference of 1-2 percent. We recommend starting with the value of the parameter 98 percent. Window is shown in the figure below.

Set similar options

The figure below shows the window for selecting actions to the image.

Set similar options

To open this window, click the bottom of the thumbnail. Any action over the images are made only after pressing the Start processing button. Therefore, you can cancel the scheduled action at any time. When you move the images to the mirror archive they can be renamed based on the metadata. The images themselves are not changed.

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