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Mode: Split folder

This mode is designed for the separation of a large folders to multiple folders, with the smaller volume.

Separation of the folders may require for backup a large archive on optical disk, USB Flash, or external HDD. The splitting is performed in such way that when you restore a copy of the original folder you can simply copy all toms to one folder. The figure below shows the source folder and the folder to which VaysArhivist wrote several volumes of split archive. On this picture the folders are marked that should be copied with the merger to have an exact copy of the original archive.

Since all disk manufacturers calculate disk volume in millions or billions of bytes, not in MB or GB, WiseArchivist also calculates volume in millions of bytes. Otherwise, the folder may be greater then disk volume. In addition, the program reduces the volume of about 10%. This is due to the fact that the outer side of the disc more susceptible to damage and it is desirable that the data were not close to the edge of the disc. If there is a need to increase size of the folder, you can use the custom option and set the required volume of folders. In this mode WiseArchivist selects all files, regardless of extension. The exception is service files: ffs.fsf and Thumbs.db. You can set option Using hash. Then you will be able to regularly check your archive with help Test backup mode.

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