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Main window

Performing of all modes starts from this window.

Main window

Controls on the main window largely duplicates settings in the options window. They are placed here for easy access. Sometimes it might be convenient. However, the main window has two additional modes that are not available from the options window. This are mode Set the folder of continuous scanning and Clipbord. They are extensions of the mode Create / edit archive. Access to these modes is via button Select source. See the figure below.

Main window

To perform additional mode Set the folder of continuous scanning must be set Create / edit archive. After pressing Start program will process all photos that are in the specified folder, but its work is not stop. If you copy to this folder a new batch of photos, they will be processed too. This mode is useful when you save the images, from the Internet, for example. In the destination folder you get ready formatted images. Mode Clipbord works similarly. But images are retrieved from the clipboard every time you copy the image, for example, by pressing the button Print screen (Prt Sc).

On the main window, you can set the output image size and aspect ratio. They act only with the active parameter Sizing and resolution.

Before performing mode, you can see which photos have been selected for processing. To do this, click View selected button.

When you press the Quick start button the window opens with six preset modes.

Main window

This window allows you to start work immediately after downloading the program. However, the settings of these modes are far from perfect.

To make using the program more comfortable all the buttons have Keyboard Shortcuts. You can also use the buttons Esc, Enter, F1 and Alt+F4 . To view last Log file you can press F12 and to call Opnjons press F2 . Pressing Enter always means positive answer. In order to arrange windows, use the F11 key.

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Create / edit archive
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Create passport
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Move duplicates to mirror
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