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WiseArchivist designed to create, edit and support of archive with large number of photos. The program provides batch processing, viewing photos, creating virtual albums, backup, recovery and more...

As we already wrote, WiseArchivist actively uses EXIF tags to describe images. Through this is achieved self-documenting of every picture and archive in general. To speed up processing of a large amount of pictures the program generates the database files. They are located in each folder. Initially, they are created when the folder is selected as the source folder. These files are automatically supported. Photos can be moved, deleted, etc. The database files will be adjusted automatically when it needed.

Simultaneously WiseArchivist can build a transparent folder structure that will reflect either the chronology or theme of your photo collection.

WiseArchivist usually works with two or three folders: Sourcer, Destination and Mirror. It can be any folders that you have created. The number of folders are not limited. However, we strongly recommend to keep only one copy for the Archive and Mirror folders. WiseArchivist copes well with tens of thousands of images. Moreover it is convenient to perform backup copy, restore and etc, when you hold photos in one folder.

Source Folder is the folder where the pictures are taken for processing. Depending on the mode, it can be a folder with new photos or already ready archive.

Destination folder is the root folder, in which will be placed all photos and sound files, if they exist. When you add new photos this is an archive folder. If you make a reduced copy, collections, etc. it can be another folder.

Mirror folder is a special folder in which to place the originals photos without any changes. Function of mirror can be canceled, but its presence gives some advantages in the future. You'll be able to change the parameters of photos, such as changing the size, brightness, etc. Especially it can be useful for RAW files. In the future, may appear more advanced technologies, etc. Photos in this folder are renamed in the same way as in the archive. Program constructs exactly the same folder tree in the Mirror folder as in the archive.

In order the mirror folder is really was the 'mirror' of the archive, we strongly recommend to assign this folder on the first start of a program and always enable this option when you add photos to the archive.

WiseArchivist designed specifically to process a large number of images. Therefore, many functions can be performed fully automatically. To do this, in almost all modes, you need to set the default values which to be used in the processing before run the mode. Naturally, this is often not enough because you need to edit each photo separately: assign keywords, crop, set the desired brightness, etc. For this purpose the option Step by Step is used. With this option, the program works like a conveyor, consistently offering photos for processing. You can to set only unique characteristics for this image.

In the mode Create archive (batch mode) group operations is provided for editing metadata of photos by simply dragging.

Operation of any mode starts with selecting images. Photos selects by the filters. All actions are performed only with selected photos. In manual mode, it is more convenient to add photos to archive by portions of up to 100 .. 150 pieces. For this purpose, there are special filters. The program is arranged so that there is no need to change the settings at each session. It is enough to re-click the Start button and you'll get the next portion of the photos.

Modes of find duplicates by content and move duplicates as well as the options of moving images to the Mirror folder can effectively organize unstructured heap of pictures.

WiseArchivist stores all settings separately for each mode. In addition, you can create a library of settings for each case and load them as needed.

The important point for selecting photos from the archive are key words. WiseArchivist allows complex sampling by keywords. So before you create your archive set themselves simple rules for writing keywords. WiseArchivist is case sensitive. Therefore, the names and titles you can always write with a capital letter or refuse all capital letters. Keywords are separated by spaces. Do not place any other separators. They will be considered as the part of the keyword. Composite keywords can be enclosed in parentheses.

All modes of WiseArchivist are listed below.

View photos allows view photos, or any other images located at any folder, regardless of whether they were processed by the program or not. Following options are available: slideshow with transition effects, full screen mode, manual navigation, adjust brightness, contrast, etc.

View virtual album allows you to view previously created virtual albums.

Create virtual album Wisearchivist allows you to create a virtual storage, which facilitates access to the pre-selected photos.

Auto generate Virtual storage Wisearchivist creates Virtual storage based on the data which contained in photos itself.

Convert album to collection allows you to convert virtual albums to a reduced collections, which you can easily share with your friends.

Convert .JPS to TV fomat converts the format of 3D images for 3D TV if it does not accept natural .jps format.

Create archive (batch mode) is the main mode for creating and editing photo archive.

Create / edit archive is intended to create and edit of archive or collection of photos.

Create / edit 3D photos allows you to create 3D pictures from two separate images.

Copy & rename only is intended to organize thousands photos in fully automatic way.

Edit in input folder is intended for corrections of metadata photos directly in the source folder.

Visual selection allows visually organize images across multiple folders.

Create passport allows you to create HTML file containing all information about the photo, including metadata.

Web / PC album creates an album for review on the desktop computer or for upload to Internet.

Move duplicates to mirror allows to avoid the duplication of images in the archive.

Find duplicates by content allows to find, sort and move or delete duplicate photos based on their content.

Add md5 hash to archive This mode allows to add md5 hash files to your photo archive. The hash files allow to determine were whether changes in your photos.

Backup allows you to save your photo collection.

Restore can restore your photo archive.

Sync archive helps you to maintain backup up-to-date.

Test Archive / backup checks the health of the archive or archive copy.

Split folder is designed for the separation of a large folders to multiple folders, with the smaller volume.

Recovery is intended for recovering data from damaged optical discs.

Find like this This mode allows you to find photos by sample and then sort move or delete them.

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